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YC Connetion Part 2 CD 2 [19]
YC Connetion Part 2 CD 1 [20]
Various Urban Groove (May.10) [17]
Various Everybody On Dance Floor 11 (2010) [34]
Various Earth Quake Ft. Lehmber Hussainpuri (July.10) [11]
Various Don't Worry Ft V Chouhan (July.10) [11]
Various Desi Hustle (Rap Hip Hop) (Aug.10) [11]
Various Desi Fied [8]
Various Desi Dance (Nov10) [14]
Various Come On The Dance Floor (Apr10) [9]
Various Broken Silence (July.10) [24]
Various Bhangra Duet (Nov10) [14]
Various Beat This Volume 1 [20]
Various Asian Groves Vol 2 (Aug.10) [16]
Various Straight Fire (Feb09) [17]
Various Essential Asian R B [14]
Various Asian Groove [12]
VA The Return Of The Kingz (Jan09) [28]
VA The Bilz (2006) [12]
VA Jatti [Ft. Nirmal Sidhu Kaler Kanth] Aug.2K8 [0]
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